Wild Clay Bud Vase
Wild Clay Bud Vase

Matt Fishman Pottery

Wild Clay Bud Vase

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Wild Clay Bud Vase in White Ash Glaze

Made entirely by hand from locally foraged clay and glaze materials, these bud vases have a charmingly rustic yet elegant character. The clay for these is collected in the Sierra Foothills and processed by hand in small batches, which preserves the natural texture and variation found in it. Once processed the clay is formed into the bottle shape on a potters' wheel, no two being exactly alike. The materials for the glaze, likewise, are collected across Northern California. Sierras granite, quartz sand, and almond wood ash are mortared by hand before being lightly milled into a slurry that will coat the pots. During a firing to nearly 2400 degrees fahrenheit, the clay hardens and takes on a warm, toasty coloration that harmonizes with the opaque white glaze that forms from the crushed stones and ash melting on the surface.

Each vase measures approximately 4.5" tall by 3" wide.

About the Artist:

Matt Fishman has been a full time potter for close to five years after leaving a career working in restaurant kitchens. In that time, he's developed tableware for local restaurants and collected and used various materials from the area to make functional pots. He finds the use of local geology to be both exciting and humbling as he retraces steps from previous clay cultures and tries to incorporate those lessons into his own. Follow on Instagram at @MattFishmanPottery

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