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5x7 inches, plus thin border; oil paint on canva-paper

An expression of the joyful welcome of spring…This original piece from the latest collection of Amanda Tanner’s oil landscapes invites the viewer to take a moment for reflection, rest, and peace. Each painting is a reminder of the calm and serenity that we find in our homes and favorite places.

Signed on the back, in graphite.

About the Artist:

Amanda Tanner is an Atlanta, Georgia area painter and photographer whose work is largely based on the idea that the places we hold dearest are a part of us forever. Whether conveying a landscape which is real, or one that’s from the imagination, Amanda believes that these “place portraits” are like physical memories to hold, keep close, and to cherish as they adorn the homes of collectors. You can find her on Instagram @AmandaTannerArt.

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