Gilded Edge III
Gilded Edge III
Gilded Edge III

Kirsten Williams

Gilded Edge III

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Collage is approx 4.5 x 5", matted to 11 x 14"
This collection of 'Gilded Edges' was created with antique French paper from the 1800's and a touch of 24K gold leaf. This piece includes icy blue and burgundy.

About the Artist:

Kirsten grew up in a military family, moving and traveling frequently, and turned to art to express herself. Always sketching, painting and taking photographs, her outlet turned into passion.

Kirsten works primarily with acrylic and gouache on canvas or paper. She’s passionate about color, texture and movement of the paint and often uses her hands as a tool.

Kirsten draws inspiration from the many places she’s lived and visited. She can’t paint without music playing, a cup of coffee by her side and her two kids wanting to paint alongside her.

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