Into the Air I

Kate Scialabba

Into the Air I

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Watercolor on paper. 
8" x 10"

About the Artist:

Kate Scialabba grew up on Long Island with a brush in her hand. She studied for five years at the Huntington School of Fine Art during high school. After graduating from the University of Virginia and pursuing a career in interior design, Kate rediscovered her love for painting and has been creating original artwork ever since. Kate, her husband, and daughter Charlotte, recently moved to Locust Valley, NY after eight years in New York City.

Kate creates fluid, yet structured pieces by combining organic shapes and brushstrokes with geometry and pattern. She composes each piece by deconstructing and reconstructing images from her travels, growing up on the coast, and life in the city. Her background in design allows her to consider not only the painting, but how it will enhance the surrounding space.

You can find her on Instagram at @katescialabba

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