Museum Bee - #35
Museum Bee - #35
Museum Bee - #35

Museum Bees

Museum Bee - #35

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3 1/2 x 3 1/2"

Each "Bee" is unique - featuring an antique ornament paired with frame - and this collection was created exclusively for our shop! Every Museum Bee has a signature or stamp dating its creation based on the current Kentucky Derby winner.

About Museum Bees:

Recovering English Major and devoted Hoya, Museum Bees creator Trace Mayer lives in Anchorage, KY with his family, a gaggle of freeloading geese, ducks, assorted deer, squirrels and the like. He started creating Museum Bees in 2012 and was instantly hooked. Created with Antique Frames, each Museum Bee embraces 200 year old American Craftsmanship and integrates that with each composition. After working at Sothebys and running his own art and antique gallery since 1993, Trace believes it’s critical that Museum Bees can be accessible. Luxury can be affordable. Each ‘Bee’ is unique, and you will find a variety of ornaments and antique objects integrated with these creations. The first addition was Napoleon's Bee, and that is where the name derives.

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